Knights News · Senior Spotlight – Kaitlyn Ewald

This one is a unique one as this student athlete has excelled at an IHSAA sanctioned sport that Castle High School, unfortunately, does not sponsor.  Here season was not cut short but we want to make sure we recognize her on this platform to showcase her to the Castle Knight followers.  

Kaitlyn Ewald
Sport: Gymnastics
Kaitlyn has been involved in gymnastics for the past 13 years.
Next year, she will compete fo rthe Fighting Illini Gymastics Team at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She is currently undecided on her major.
Favorite subjects: Math, Science, and Spanish
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Beaven
Favorite high school memories: Traveling for gymnastics competitions; JO Nationals; Spending time with my friends in and out of the classroom

She is also a 4.0 Student and ranked 1st in her class.

Best of luck to Kaitlyn as she competes in the Big Ten next season!