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Contact AD Brandon Taylor at with any questions about the information below.

High School teams will be allowed to begin workouts on July 6, 2020 with guidelines and restrictions.  That information can be found here:  Covid-19 Athletic Reopening Spreadsheet   Coaches, trainers, and administrators will do everything possible to follow these guidelines as closely as possible.

Requirements for Athletes:

  1. Any student athlete that is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath, sore throat and new loss of smell) is not allowed to attend workouts.
  2. IHSAA Physical
    1. The IHSAA is allowing physicals from the 2019-2020 school year to be valid for the 2020-2021 school year as long as the Health History Report is also completed with no major changes in health since the 2019-2020 physical.   Physicals must be on the IHSAA physical form. 8th Graders that had a valid physical at Castle North or Castle South Middle School will be good at Castle High School if the criteria mentioned above is also met.  We have several incomplete physicals for incoming freshmen.  If you feel you had one on file last year as an 8th grader and it’s not appearing in your Rank One account, this may include you.  Contact the AD with questions.
  3. Online Paperwork
    1. The online paperwork from the 2019-2020 school year is NOT valid for the 2020-2021 school year. Students and their parents will need to to this website (create account if they have not already) and sign their forms digitally.  Rank One Sport  These forms must be completed by July 6th to be able to do workouts.
  4. Water
    1. We will NOT provide water or ice for consumption during workouts.
    2. Each student will have to bring their own.  NO SHARING WATER BOTTLES!
  5. Patience and Accountability
    1. There are new procedures for coaches and students to work through
    2. Please be patient
    3. Attention to detail is vital to limit exposure.  Please be accountable

Expectations for Athletes:

  1. Temperature Checks
    1. Each Student Athlete will have their temperature taken when they enter the facility for a workout.
      1. If a student has 100.4 degree temperature or above they will be sent home.  
      2. Students will have to be fever free for 72 hours prior to returning to workouts.
      3. All teams will have specific instructions on where each athlete needs to enter.  Coaches will be sending out information about the workouts.
  2. Symptoms
    1. Each Student Athlete will be required to answer Health Questions regarding symptoms.
  3. Sanitation
    1. Each Group will have access to hand sanitizer and wipes.
    2. They will disinfect each piece of equipment when they are done with it.
  4. Restrooms
    1. Restrooms will not be unlocked
    2. If there is an emergency, coaches will have the latitude to unlock restrooms
      1. Restroom will be sanitized
  5. Social Distancing
    1. Each Student athlete should practice social distancing with in their group
    2. Physical contact/ spotting will not be allowed during Phase 1.
  6. Face Masks
    1. Coaches and Student Athletes are strongly recommended to have face masks when in close proximity of each other
    2. Most workouts will be outside where social distancing is easy and mask will not be needed during workouts.
  7. Post Workouts
    1. Student Athletes should go home immediately to shower and wash their workout clothes.

To all student-athletes:

As much as we want you to be at workouts, PLEASE be honest and do what’s best for your team.  If you are showing any symptoms at all, please let your coaches know and STAY HOME.  Do not put your teammates, coaches, and the entire program at risk by coming to workouts while showing symptoms.  

Here is a link to the Centers for Disease Control that highlights how to prevent the spread of Covid-19


Phase 1 Schedule:

Keep in mind, athletes are only allowed to be on campus for 15 hours total for each of the first two weeks.  Attendance and hours will be monitored by the athletic office.  DO NOT participate in more than 15 hours of workouts during Phase 1.  For multi-sport athletes, your focus should be on your Fall Sport FIRST.  If you wish to attend winter/spring sport workouts after that, you may do so.

Volleyball:  Conditioning – Monday/Wednesday 5-7pm and Friday 8-9:30am.  Activity Days – Tuesday/Thursday 5-7pm.  All workouts in the main gym.  Enter through the South Entrance of the school.

Girls Soccer:  Conditioning  – Tuesday/Thursday 6-7:30am and Friday (yoga) 4-5pm.  Activity Days – Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm  WORKOUTS CANCELED 7/14-7/18

Boys Soccer:  Conditioning – Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7-8am.  Activity Days – Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:30am.

Football: Conditioning – Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Offense 7-9am, Defense 8-10am, Freshmen 9-11am).  Activity Days – Tuesday/Thursday 7am-10am for all players.

Cross County:  Monday – Friday at either 7-8am or 4-5pm Contact Coach Ed at for daily location.

Boys Tennis:  Nothing week 1.  Will start Monday July 13.   Monday/Wednesday 5-8pm combined activity and conditioning.

Girls Golf:  Activity Days – Mon 7/6 2-5pm, Wed 7/8 9am-12pm, Tues 7/14 9am-12pm, Thurs 7/17  2-5pm.  All will take place at Tee Time.

Girls Basketball:  Activity Days – Tues/Thurs 8am-10am.

Boys Basketball:  Activity Days – Tues/Thurs 11am-1pm.

Baseball:  Activity Days – Monday (Frosh/Soph 4:30-6pm,  Jr/Sr 6:30-8:00pm) and Wednesday (Jr/Sr 2-3:30pm, Frosh/Soph 4-5:30pm)